December 24, 2022

What Are The Types of Professional Concrete Paving Contractors

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What Are The Types of Professional Concrete Paving Contractors

Adding pavers to your driveway, patio, pathway, or pool deck can completely transform these living spaces. From adding aesthetic value to your outdoor living spaces to providing additional grip, pavers can do it all. There is a plethora of paving companies in St. Petersburg, Fl, and most of them swear by concrete paving. Concrete paving is one of the most popular surfacing options for Florida homeowners.

Although concrete paving is relatively costly, it makes up for the expense by being a low-maintenance option that does not require frequent replacement. Furthermore, if you are looking to put your property on the market, having concrete paving can significantly boost your asking price and the amount of interest it generates among potential home buyers.

Why Concrete Pavers?

Here are 5 (five) reasons why you should choose concrete pavers as a surfacing option.

  • Aesthetic Value

Although pavers offer more than just aesthetics, most homeowners consider getting a concrete paver installation to boost the curb appeal of their homes. These types of pavers are incredibly versatile, as they are available in numerous colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. This variety of choices allows you to get a paver installation that complements your home’s architectural features.

  • Low Maintenance

Due to their low maintenance requirements, all paving companies in St. Petersburg, Fl, swear by concrete pavers. These pavers are very easy to maintain and can last significantly longer without needing repairs or replacements. Even if a concrete paver develops cracks or gets damaged, it can be easily replaced without resurfacing your entire deck. Furthermore, concrete pavers offer incredible resistance to freeze-thaw environments.

  • Added Safety

Concrete pavers offer a slip-resistant surface that is ideal for installation in areas like pathways and pool decks. Concrete pavers are your ideal choice if you want to enjoy your pool area without the fear of slipping and injuring yourself, as they provide grip even in wet conditions.

  • Affordable Cost

When it comes to pavers, concrete pavers are significantly cheaper compared to pavers made from natural stone without compromising on appearance. The affordability of concrete pavers does not just stop after installation. Instead, it keeps becoming increasingly affordable due to low maintenance costs and high durability. This two-pronged affordability is why most homeowners choose to go with concrete pavers for their home’s exterior living spaces.

  • Highly Durable

Concrete pavers are one of the most durable pavers available to homeowners. These pavers can withstand intense pressure and even high forces, making them the ideal choice for driveways. Unlike poured concrete, concrete pavers showcase a long lifespan and substantially low corrosion and deterioration.


Types of Concrete Paving Contractors.

There are primarily 4 (four) types of concrete paving contractors. Each type of contractor is discussed in detail below.

  • Residential Concrete Paving Contractors.

A residential paving contractor typically meets the homeowners to discuss the project. They also figure out the cost of materials required and give the homeowner an approximate estimate. Their work usually includes paver installation on floors, patios, pathways, or driveways. However, some paving contractors also offer paving services for your landscape and its features.

  • Commercial Concrete Paving Contractors.

A commercial paving contractor works by placing bids. Since the cost for the jobs done by most commercial concrete paving contractors is fixed on the outcome of a bidding war, the lowest bidder gets the job and undertakes the entire project. Their projects may include parking lots, walkways, floors, or municipal projects like repairing and replacing damaged sidewalks or motorable roads. They often provide fast and effective services and prefer large-scale projects to smaller residential projects.

  • Landscape Concrete Paving Contractors.

Most landscape concrete paving contractors work on both commercial as well as residential projects as they have the ability to handle large-scale and small-scale projects the same. However, they typically take up projects that involve planting lawns and other greenery around a paved surface. These contractors are less skilled than residential or commercial concrete paving contractors when it comes to quality of work and the finished surfaces.

  • Jack-of-all-trades Concrete Paving Contractors.

These types of contractors are also known as ‘builder-knows-it-all’ as they are highly versatile contractors that can take up jobs with highly varying requirements. However, you cannot expect high-quality work from these contractors as the ones who specialize in a specific type of paver installation will often branch out towards the specialization.


Concrete paving is one of the best and most durable surfacing options for most homeowners and business owners to boost the curb appeal of their property while improving safety around it. However, the quality of work highly depends on the type of paving contractor you hire. That is why you must be meticulous in your research while picking and choosing paving companies in St. Petersburg, Fl, for an optimal paver installation experience.

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