August 7, 2020

Travertine Flooring Advantages

By VSFwebsite
Travertine Flooring Advantages

What is Travertine? Are there any Travertine Flooring Advantages?

At first glance Travertine pavers looks just like any other natural stone like marble, limestone etc. with a few noteworthy differences that set it apart. The first difference is in the composition of the stone. It starts off as limestone but is exposed to certain minerals, like iron, and subjected to intense pressure in the Earth’s crust. The second difference is in the appearance as opposed to the aforementioned stones. Travertine comes in a variety of off-white colors and Earth tones like beige, tan, gold hues, among others.

Travertine pavers have a slightly roughed surface which in turn gives better traction when wet and makes walking or driving easy, and safe. But the benefits don’t stop there. Travertine flooring is all natural and naturally occurring causing it to be considered a “green product” which means there is little danger of depleting the resource. Travertine also repels heat better than other stones which makes them the go-to stone when paving outside. Perhaps the best benefit is that Travertine is time tested, having been used in paving for two centuries, Travertine pavers have proven their worth. The Romans even used it as the building material for the Colosseum.

Travertine Flooring Advantages

Different Uses for Travertine Flooring

When you read travertine flooring advantages, also need to understand this. Travertine pavers is the top choice when it comes to paving outside, both commercially and privately. The most common uses for Travertine flooring is pool deck (where it’s slightly rough surface comes in handy), paving for driveway, patio, and many more options.  However, Travertine flooring can also be used for inside the home such as for kitchen flooring, dining room, bathroom, and just about every room. Travertine flooring is only as versatile as the imagination.

Travertine Flooring Advantages

Travertine Flooring and Paver House 

Paver House  has a wide variety of Travertine flooring and installation options. Paver House is the preeminent retailer of Travertine flooring in the Tampa Bay area and offers a myriad of options for you to choose from as well as four distinct finishes for your Travertine selection.  Contact Paver House to learn even more about Travertine flooring and installation!

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