August 7, 2020

Reliable Paver Installers in Tampa

By VSFwebsite
Reliable Paver Installers in Tampa

So, after a long time saving, dream about improving your home, you finally pick your project: Install pavers on your driveway, pool deck, or any custom project like a fire pit or retaining walls around your backyard. So what now? Find reliable paver installers should be one of our top priority. We’ve been in business in Tampa Bay for a long time to learn the industry inside and out. And if we can help at least one customer with this post, we will considered our work done well.

How to Hire Reliable Paver Installers in Tampa

First things first, online research has made everybody’s lives much easier. With a few strokes to your keyboard and you have the world on your finger tips. But something to keep in mind: Not everything online reflects well what’s is true in real life (A couple of dating profiles are there to prove this theory, right?!).

Just like any other business, we’re also targeted by competitor’s insecurity and by arming themselves with fake profiles to leave fake reviews online. But nowadays, what to know what’s real and what’s “online real”? Here are a few helpful checklists items to keep in mind when looking for reliable paver installers in Tampa Bay:

Reliable Paver Installers Check List

Is the installation company real?

Nowadays anyone can create an online profile. And we mean anyone indeed. People without proper license, insurance and even experience can write a few paragraphs about paver installation (or even just copy for real companies) and post it online. However, you can arm yourself with information about them:

Is the paver installation company registered with Florida Department of State Division of Corporations? ( You can search by company name and see if they are indeed a valid registered business in Florida. You can see if they are Active, Inactive or non-existing.

Are they Registered with the Best Business Bureau?

Being Registered and Rated by BBB means that a company is not only real but has been investigated by the Best Business Bureau ( As their own business vision, BBB is an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other. All BBB accredited businesses have agreed to live up to our Standards for Trust, a comprehensive set of best practices for how businesses should treat the public in a fair and honest manner. The paver installers company you just found in Tampa by an online search is not on BBB? Ask them why? Or are they on BBB but have formal complains against them? Find out what happen before moving forward. You have the opportunity to learn from someone’s mistake.

Do they have real installation pictures/ referrals to offer you?

Stock images nowadays have assisted a lot of websites to provide beautiful images to their site. But they are not results of the paver installation company’s work. Ask for real jobsite pictures. Do they have a real paver installation gallery on their website? Same advice from the above paragraph, learn from others about the company. And also, an image is worth a thousand words. Are you impressed by their paver installation job? That should be a good rule of thumb when hiring a paver company. You like they final work.

Last but not least important: Real reviews

Unfortunately, with competition, comes unfair practices. Most people can identity a fake review online from a honest one. Most of profiles have no pictures, no real names, no history. At early stages of fake reviews, unreliable business used to leave nice reviews about themselves. When seeing that people were getting smarter to track the fake profiles with positive reviews, now they change their strategy: Leaving fake negative reviews on competitor’s site. What we also consider a rookie mistake. Any reliable paver installation company do care about their customers’ satisfaction with their work. We also keep track of work performed and quotes given, which makes it easier to see if the review is a legit review that requires an action plan or if it’s another ghost account leaving fake reviews.

How to verify then? Ask the paver installers company for real people referrals. Real pictures (if not online). Even better, ask to see an existing jobsite (of course, respecting client’s right of privacy).

Compare with other local businesses

Compare apples to apples. Visit showrooms, see the real material that will be installed at your home. Check if the pricing given reflects the product you saw on the showroom. After doing your homework to check that the business is legit, now is the easy part: Compare the installation projects. How easy was to reach and get feedback from the different places. Remember, installing pavers to your home is a high cost investment and should be treat it like that.

Enjoy your New Paved Backyard


After all the research done, you should have a very smooth process from preparing the area, installing the pavers and sealing by the end. Now is time to enjoy your new paved backyard. Also, you can support the local business by leaving your online review. Paver House loves to hear from its customers, let us know how we did! Have you not hire a paver installation company yet? Get a free estimate with Paver House today.

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