August 7, 2020

Reasons Why Travertine Pavers are perfect for a Pool Deck

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Reasons Why Travertine Pavers are perfect for a Pool Deck

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If you’re looking to remodel your poolside or pool deck or planning on building a brand new one, you must be flooded with a variety of natural stone options for the same. And the fact you’d have come across the term Travertine Pavers Pool Deck will definitely be no surprise—and for all the right reasons!

What is a Travertine Paver?

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Travertine is a natural stone that is similar to limestone, granite, or marble. The primary difference between all other natural stones and travertine pavers lies not just in the hardness of the rock, but also in its formation and overall appearance.

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Main benefits of Travertine Pavers for Pool Deck

  • Repels water with ease

The number 1 reason why travertine pavers around pool are considered as the best option is due to its ability to repel water easily. Since travertine has a slightly rough surface, it allows for an excellent traction for wet feet.

  • Does not retain excess heat

Walking barefoot around the pool is pretty standard. And when you wish to take a dip during summers, getting your feet burned on the pool deck is the last thing you want. This is where Travertine pool pavers work wonders as they have the ability to resist excess heat.

  • Extremely low maintenance

Travertine deck pavers are extremely low maintenance, and something as simple as a high-quality sealer can keep the travertine deck pristine for several years. Considered as an ideal green flooring solution, Travertine pool pavers are also extremely affordable as opposed to marble; so you go green and save big on your bucks with travertine!

Pros of having Travertine Pavers for Pool Deck

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  • Adapts to changing temperature

As stated earlier, travertine deck pavers have the ability to resist extreme heat. But, not just this, travertine also has the ability to adapt itself to changing temperature. Apart from making it a breeze to walk barefoot during extreme heat, the cold weather becomes all the more bearable for your bare feet as well; thus making them ideal as pool decks and for patio.

  • Travertine deck pavers are affordable

When deciding on a plain concrete surface, marble or natural stones are the most natural inclination. But the fact that travertine stones are much cheaper than marble and other stones have increased the popularity of Travertine pool pavers all the more. Not just this, when you choose Paver House—Tampa’s leading Travertine Pavers providers, the experts will give you a complete guide on how to install travertine pavers around a pool, or, complete the entire process of installation for you, thus saving ample money in the process.

  • Replacement procedure is a breeze

As stated earlier, travertine pavers are extremely low maintenance. And if you ever find yourself in a spot where the tiles ought to be removed or replaced, be rest assured that it is the most effortless process of all. You can easily pull out the broken tiles/tiles and replace the concerned piece. Not just this, it is also easy to extract the entire pattern and choose a new, say, tile-block pattern. You can contact the experts at Paver House to know more!

  • Travertines are eco-friendly

Be it travertine deck pavers or for your patio, all travertine stones are eco-friendly as they adopt an environment-friendly manufacturing process as opposed to marbles. And the fact that this stone is low maintenance keeps them intact much longer, thus avoiding the need to replace them regularly.

  • Extremely durable

Due to its ability to withstand heat and extreme temperatures, Travertine pool pavers are known to be extremely durable, thus making them ideal for all outdoor requirements, ranging from driveways to walkways. So now, you can enjoy your barbeques and parties without ever having to worry about ruining your surface.

  • Wide options of colors and sizes

When looking to remodel your pool deck, having a selection of colors and sizes to choose from makes the process all the more enjoyable. And with Paver House, you can select from an array of travertine deck pavers’ colors, sizes, designs, and patterns. No matter your taste, finding the right paver for your style is simply a click away!

  • Adds to the beauty of your poolside

Let’s face it; having a pool in your backyard is a beautiful sight. And when decorated with the right stones, it makes your property look all the more elite. And what better way to do so than choosing Travertine pool pavers to enhance your poolside aesthetically. Be it the multiple choices on colors and sizes or their stonework; travertine pavers can match the edge of your pool deck brilliantly, provided you make the right pick.

  • Installation is a breeze

Done selecting your desired travertine and wondering how to install travertine pavers around a pool? Fret not! A free weekend is more than sufficient to finish the installation of travertine pavers. You can contact the experts at Paver House and inquire all about their installation charges and more. Their experts will visit your property at your scheduled time and get the job done for you in a jiffy.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick your perfect Travertine Pavers Pool Deck from Tampa’s leading paver providers—Paver House and let their experts lay the perfect foundation for your pool!

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