Travertine Pavers on Driveway

Travertine Paver on Driveway Installation

Just like most of the common Tampa Bay subdivisions, our customer had almost no curb appeal. The driveway was plain concrete slabs, mold stains and cracks took over the whole surface. Tire of the dull look and wanted to enhance her home value as well as the curb appeal, she decided to add the most unique and exclusive travertine paver right at her home’s front entrance, walkway and driveway.

  • travertine pavers on driveway
  • travertine pavers on driveway
  • travertine pavers on driveway
  • travertine pavers on driveway

On this specific travertine paver on driveway installation, we used the most common travertine paver size: 6×12 tumbled travertine tumbled paver. Due to the curves on existing driveway design, the 6×12 travertine pavers on driveway allow a more uniform and cohesive look. We also framed the driveway, walkway and front entrance for a more distinguished look. Too keep the exclusive outstanding color of the 6×12 Leonardo tumbled travertine pavers popping up, we use a more blend color on the frames: 6×12 Autumn Blend tumbled travertine paver.

To enhance the beautiful travertine paver colors on the driveway we worked with two different travertine paver colors. Leonardo color was chosen for the driveway and a more uniform tan color, Autumn Blend, was selected for the frame work.

To create more movement on this driveway, we ended up setting a different pattern design for the circle that connects the driveway from the entryway. The Autumn Blend travertine paver on the driveway was used as well as the circle frame.

Paver House helped our customer will all. From travertine paver color selection, paver purchased and paver installation.

Travertine Pavers on Driveways

Travertine pavers on driveway, walkway and pool deck are your best choice because they reflect heat on hot days, remaining cool to the touch. Travertine pavers do not discolor or become chalky after installation. The texture of travertine pavers ensure that the stone remains slip resistant for wet feet, while its cool feel prevents burns. Use large travertine pavers on driveway, pool deck, as well as the walkway or path leading to the pool from the house or patio to give the area a cohesive look.

PAVER HOUSE will install all your travertine paver needs. Travertine pavers on driveway, pool deck, walkways, fire pit, outdoor kitchen. Contact us today and request your Free Estimate . We have more than 20 years of experience in the travertine paving industry.

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