Pool remodel with travertine paver

Pool remodel with travertine pavers

This Tampa Bay homeowner was looking into complete change his backyard. Most pools in Tampa are built with a connected spa. To increase his pool size, he ended up deciding for not to build spa, however, he still wanted an appealing focal point to his pool. To contrast with the beautiful green landscape around the backyard, our customer wanted to add color and movement to his outdoor area.

For the main pool deck area, our customer felt in love with the french pattern autumn blend tumbled travertine pavers. French Pattern Tumbled Autumn Blend Travertine Pavers contain a mixture of mostly red and gold, with some white, dark and light brown tones. Autumn Blend added the perfect amount of color and movement our customer wanted.

  • pool remodel with travertine paver
  • pool remodel with travertine paver
  • pool remodel with travertine paver

Travertine pavers offer a few unique color mixtures that make any outdoor space pops up from others.

A great accent color solution for the coping was the Desert Gold color on the 4×9 tumbled travertine copings. The beautifully blended Desert Gold may be bright and striking but does not lack for warmth and richness as well. To not compete with the strong colors of the pool deck, we advised our customer to add a lighter and more neutral pool tile: 2×2 autumn blend tumbled travertine tiles brought the perfect combination of contrast and harmony we were looking to achieve.

Creativity on your pool remodel with travertine paver.

Pool remodel with travertine paver does not need to represent neutral colors only. Different than what most people believe, travertine pavers offer a few unique color mixtures that make any outdoor space pop up from others. Don’t be afraid of mixing different patterns, colors and textures to add more character to your outdoor space. Remember that, travertine pavers will display better their color when sealed, like the pictures from this pool remodel. If you are not sure if you would like your paver with the enhanced color, spray the sample with water first.

Premium Travertine French Pattern Pavers

On this pool remodel project, our customer preferred to use the French Pattern design, which is a good way to break up the monotony of the typical geometric or square appearance of large areas. Just like this outstanding pool deck remodel, patios and walkways will appear more fluid and mosaic by eliminating grout lines and the usual linear effect as well as the need for constant maintenance of the typical square or rectangular paver.

A French Pattern or a Versailles pattern is a paver pattern made up of four different sized tiles. Most French patterns are laid in stone, and nearly all are sold in “bundles” of tile that will cover 16 square feet.

Travertine pavers on your pool deck will reflect heat on hot days, remaining cool to the touch, unlike concrete surface options. Travertine does not discolor or become chalky after installation. The texture of travertine ensures that the stone remains slip resistant for wet feet, while its cool feel prevents burns. Another great advantage of travertine pavers is that there will be no visible grout lines; grout can be a source of both installation problems and added cost for future removal / replacement or up-keep.

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