Commercial Brick Paver Installation

Commercial Brick Paver Installation Treasure Island Ocean Club

Adjacent to St Petersburg and located along the Gulf of Mexico, Treasure Island is the perfect destination for your next vacation. Paver House was honored to be selected by Treasure Island Ocean Club to remodel their outdoor area, front entrance and pool deck with our brick paver installation services. With our expertise and knowledge of commercial codes and compliances, we can offer the highest quality renovations to commercial outdoor projects.

Commercial Brick Paver Installation Project Design

Treasure Island Ocean Club Hotel remodel trusted us with their complete outdoor remodel. Due to the size and complexity of the job, the brick paver installation project design was divided in two designs:

  • Commercial Brick Paver Installation Beach Hotel
  • Commercial Brick Paver Installation Beach Hotel
  • Commercial Brick Paver Installation Interlocking Paver Pool Deck
  • Commercial Brick Paver Installation Interlocking Paver

Water features are proven to have a calming, therapeutic effect that you and your family can enjoy.

Commercial Brick Paver Hotel Lobby Design

For the hotel lobby project design, we designed two main focus point:

Waterfall Installation

To bring tourists and hotel customers to a relaxing and welcoming environment as soon as they enter the hotel, Paver House added a beautiful natural stone waterfall with tropical landscape. By adding the waterfall, we provide the lobby area with the relaxing sound of trickling water, resulting in a beautiful waterscape.

Waterfall brick installation by Paver House Commercial Install

To enhance the hotel’s overall appearance, we focused on using the natural colors and cuts. The waterfall wall was built with dark natural stone with organic cuts, the small water pool was designed with the sandy and cream color travertine with natural dark stone as finishing top base.

Lobby Bar and landscape design

On the outdoor area we focus on building a focus point with the 12×12 travertine paver, with beige brick paver borders under the window. The wall was elevate from the grout to create a landscape niche.

Travertine Paver Installation Travertine Mosaic Paver Front Entrance

On the indoor part of the design, we added beautiful Leonardo split face travertine mosaics under the countertop and a beautiful gold and cream granite countertop.

Commercial Brick Paver Installation on main lobby area

The main lobby floor was built with two different colors of brick pavers and collection. The main floor was designed with our brick paver heritage collection in the colors beige and cream. To create a more attractive style, we added brown brick pavers from our Freedom collection.

Brick Paver Installation Beach Hotel

Brick Paver Pool Deck Design

On the main pool deck design, we focused on the shape of the existing pool as well as connect the hotel with the sandy beach of Treasure Island. We utilized the brick paver heritage collection in the colors of cream and beige. For safety, the pool coping was elevated and used two different colors to be in evidence: white pool coping on the outside face of the border and cream on the inside face of the border.

Commercial Brick Paver Installation Beach Hotel

We know how important it is to have an attractive landscape and outdoor area. This water feature will likewise allow the hotel guests to relax and enjoy the outdoor area. As it is, water features are proven to have a calming, therapeutic effect that you and your family can enjoy.

Here at Paver House, we take time to listen to your preferences and carefully design your ideas. This lets us come up with highly personalized water feature elements that will give your guests and friends a clear idea of your personality.

if you’re looking for a paver installation company that can provide you stunning brick pavers and travertine pavers projects, all you have to do is contact Paver House today. Just give us a call or stop by our Largo showroom and our friendly staff will be more than glad to assist you.

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