Brick Paver Pool Installation in Tampa

Paver House assisted this Tampa Bay homeowner to enhance the beauty of their pool area by installing a new brick paver deck.

After several years living at this home, this Tampa Bay Area family got tired of the faded, cracked look of their outdated pool backyard. Due to the low cost, most Florida home builders offer to homeowners the builder grade concrete pool deck. The biggest disadvantage is that concrete does not hold well. It cracks and stains very easily, it can be sometimes slippery and, depending on coloring, it can get hot on your feet. In reality, the inevitable cracking of concrete leads to a long-term cost that’s far greater than installing paving stones, without providing any of the benefits pavers offer.

A suggestion for your next paver project: Interlocking brick pavers will create an impressive look for an affordable price.

- Ricardo Rocha

Like most homeowners, this young family decided it was time to update their pool deck to a more comfortable, safe and inviting outdoor space, but their major concern was to combine quality with affordable price. Cost, just after beauty, was one of their top concerns, that is why they ended up deciding for interlocking brick pavers.

Brick Paver Pool Deck

To match the warm tan color of the exterior walls, and looking for to enhance more the look of their pool, our customers decided for our Blended White Cement Based Color Collection. The brick pavers with mix colors will offer you the beauty similar to natural stone, travertine paver with a fraction of the price.

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Another important concern for the homeowners was how long will brick pavers hold their new look and how easy was going to be to maintain the new pool deck. They had issues in the past with cracked concrete slabs and wondered if the same would happen to the brick pavers. Because brick pavers are individual units, the natural joints between each paver will give with pressure, expansion and contraction, eliminating the cracking inherent to conventional asphalt and concrete pavement. In case of broken pieces, brick pavers are really easy to be individually replaced and because they are man made, it is easier to match existing color.

PAVER HOUSE is with you our customers during the whole brick paver project, from brick paver purchase to brick paver installation. We removed existing deck. Leveled the terrain and prepared the surface to lay the new brick pavers. We sealed the new brick paver deck and performed our final quality control inspection.

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