Paver Patio Installation

Paver Patio Installation with Travertine & Brick Pavers

A paver patio adds beauty and living space to your landscape. The two most beautiful options for your outdoor patio are travertine pavers and brick pavers. Having a beautifully finished outdoor patio area is not only attractive and relaxing, it’s also durable and cost efficient. A Paver Patio can withstand heavy traffic and requires low maintenance.

Paver House offers patio paver installation that will fit in your budget: Brick pavers cost less than travertine pavers because the cost of the raw materials to manufacture brick pavers is much less than travertine pavers. If you are on a moderate budget, you should consider brick patio pavers for value. If you have a higher budget, you should consider Travertine paver.

Patio Installation with Travertine Pavers

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Patio Installation with Brick Pavers

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Paver House has over twenty years of experience installing patio pavers. We are a complete licensed and insured paver installation company. Pacer House is your best source for patio paver installation in Tampa, Largo and surrounding areas. We update our website often to show you our latest patio paver installation jobs in Tampa Bay. Contact us today to request your free in-home estimate, referrals and ask any questions you have about your patio area.

Paver patio installation Benefits

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Brick and Travertine pavers are a great option for patio areas because they are durable and slip resistant.

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Easy Repair

The initial cost of installing pavers on your patio may be higher than other options, but you’ll save in the long run. Different than when a concrete slab cracks, if repairs are ever needed, only those damaged pavers need to be removed and replaced.

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The Versatility of Patio Pavers

Due to the availability of various shapes, colors, and sizes of patio pavers, they have become one of the most versatile paving materials available today.

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Weather Resistant

Pavers have a rough surface that makes them naturally slip resistant. Pavers also won’t crack or loose the natural look exposed to sunlight and weather like concrete slabs and wood patios will. Pavers are ready to use as soon as they are set, unlike concrete, which cure for several days.

Paver patio installation FAQ

Do I need to seal my patio paver deck after installed If so, what will it look like?

Answer: This is quite a common question that we hear at Paver House. Now, it’s important to know that you don’t have to use a sealer. However, we do think a sealer is beneficial. Sealers are good because they help resist stains and can also help the appearance of the paver. With that, if you do choose to seal your patio paver, be sure to take the time to test the sealer before applying it to the entire patio paver. The best way to do this is by applying it to a small hidden area. Make sure you test the traction and also gauge the appearance before applying it everywhere.

How much does it cost to install pavers on my patio area?

Answer: The cost will vary based on what are your needs, the size of your patio and which type of pavers you would like to use. We understand that cost and quality are must haves in all home projects. That’s why we offer free estimates to all our customers. Call us today and ask for a in-home estimate.

Can I install travertine pavers on my concrete patio?

Answer: Yes, you can install travertine pavers on top of concrete. Each pool paver installation project is different, that is why we always recommend an in-home estimate. With our free in-home estimate, we will be able to assess what is needed to create your own outdoor oasis.

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