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What is Brick Paver

Brick Paver Installation Fire pit Tampa
Brick Paver is made with clay, which is very strong and resistant to stains. Brick paver is commonly used as exterior flooring. These pavers are designed for use in paving projects such as pools, patios and driveways. Brick pavers also offer years of use and durability. Concrete pavers are made of molded concrete mixed with aggregate. Both are installed the same way and in general, brick pavers are virtually maintenance free.

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Benefits of Installing Brick Pavers

travertine pavers repel water easily

Non-Slip Surface

Brick paver porous texture provides a non-slip surface. Brick pavers non slip surface makes them ideal for pool patios and driveways.

Brick Paver Installation Benefits DURABILITY and STRENGTH

Durability and Strength

Brick pavers are very durable, and can often last for decades. Their strength is in their flexibility attained by their unique installation.

Pool Paver Installation Benefits - variety

wide variety of Colors

Because brick pavers are factory made, you have available a great variety of colors, shapes and dimensions.

Brick Pavers Color Selection

Paver House will take care of all your brick paver needs. Interlocking brick pavers provide an admirable curb appeal at the front of the house and charm and elegance in your backyard. Manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances, pavers are stronger than regular poured concrete surfaces and more durable than black asphalt. Interlocking stone pavers will not crack like concrete paving. Brick Pavers are easy to maintain. When properly sealed, a regular sweeping and occasional rinsing are usually the most maintenance needed. Different than natural stone, interlocking pavers offer a greater variety of colors:

Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


White Brick Paver is one of our seven Solid White Cement Based Color pavers.
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


White Peach is one of our fifteen Blended White Cement Based Color pavers
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


Terra Cotta Charcoal belongs to our Premium Blend Colors Collection.
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


Tan also represents our Solid Gray Cement Based Color Collection.
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


Jade Green represents our Premium Solid Colors Collection.

Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


Charcoal is one of our darkest Solid Gray Cement Based Colors.

Due to the natural variation of raw materials used in the production of pavers, minor shade variations may occur. Visit our showroom to see our latest brick pavers available.

Brick Paver Pattern Design

There are many design options available for interlocking pavers. Generally, interlocking pavers are less expensive than other types of paving materials. When considering maintenance and replacement costs, pavers offer an economical long-term alternative to other types of pavement. Broken pavers can be easily replaced without patches. Ants and weeds in joints can be prevented by using the proper type of sand to fill in the joints between the pavers. Whether you choose a hexagonal, herringbone or diamond design, there is something to suit all individual tastes. Interlocking pavers can create a casual or formal design depending on your style. They are also available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, including those shown below in the Paver House Selected Collections.

Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


A gorgeous 3 piece set of pavers that are larger than your typical 3 piece combo and are embossed to give the surface a slate like look.
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


Compilation of 8 small-to-large sized paver shapes that can be combined to create unique and diverse patterns.
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


A beautiful version of the classic “key hole” octagon and square shape, available in thick pavers and thin pavers.
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


Compilation of our vast line of thinner paver shapes perfect for remodeling projects. Add extra colors to modify the pattern.
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida

New England

A handsome 3 piece combination of pavers offering great style and function, available in thick pavers or thin pavers.
Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Florida


GrottoStone paver is comprised of fourteen different and uniquely styled concrete paving stones, perfectly designed for creating the quintessential old world look.
brick pavers flagstone pavers

St Augustine

Circles and fans are included in the unique collection and denote old world craftsmanship. They become the center of attention in a field of pavers.
brick pavers flagstone pavers


An attractive and smart version of the classic 2 piece paver set. With uneven chamfered edges and surface profile, it is as easy on your feet as it is on your eyes.
brick pavers flagstone pavers


Brookstone is a fluid blend of seven uniquely shaped and individual concrete paving stones styled to emulate natural stone.
brick pavers flagstone pavers


Diamond Turf Block provides an environmentally friendly solution for parking problems without laying asphalt or pouring a concrete slab. It is the most durable of its kind
brick pavers flagstone pavers


The 20% opening allows water to drain into and through a permeable designed base. Water can then be absorbed into the ground or directed into retention ponds.

brick pavers flagstone pavers

Remodel Coping

We offer travertine and brick coping and remodel coping. For a new project, we can use regular coping. To cover existing projects, we can use remodel coping.

Paver House proudly installs pool decks, driveways, retaining walls and other outdoor projects with brick pavers, flagstone pavers and interlocking pavers. Visit our Photo Gallery for actual job site pictures. If you would like to share pictures of a job we installed for you, contact us.

Brick Paver Installation in Tampa Bay

Paver House is your best source for brick paver supplies and brick paver installation. We are a licensed and insured Brick Paver Installation Company with several brick paver jobs installed in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Paver House has more than twenty years of experience installing brick pavers in Tampa Bay. See below brick paver applications:

Why Brick Pavers?

Brick Pavers are one of the safest options for pool decks.tampa brick paver installation

When thinking of improving your home value, paving a driveway, pool deck or front entrance makes a huge statement with brick pavers. So, after all consideration, brick pavers provide a similar touch of elegance as travertine pavers. Different than concrete driveways and pools decks, you will no longer have to stare at those long hair line cracks, so common in Florida houses. Also, if you do have a piece that ends up out of place or needing to be replaced, you won’t have to endure the hardship of fixing concrete panels. You can simply replace single pieces. And, because brick pavers are man-made products, you will be able to replace a piece with an identical color and finish (stock permitting).

Have any more questions about brick pavers and brick paver installation? Paver House is here to help! Contact Paver House today and schedule a free in-home estimate!

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