August 7, 2020

Paver Frequently Asked Questions

By VSFwebsite
Paver Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Paver Frequently Asked Questions: What are Pavers?

A. Pavers are landscape elements laid on flat surfaces, most often made of stone or stone-derived materials.  Pavers are installed over a sand and/or crushed limestone base.  They are often laid out in interlocking patterns, sometimes randomly to create an artistic effect.  They are known to have a functional values as well as an aesthetic appeal, so you can add them as a finishing touch to complete your overall landscape projects.


Q. Paver Frequently Asked Questions: Why should I consider natural stone pavers?

A. Natural stone adds a random beauty that brick pavers don’t.  Also, natural stone pavers are the standard you can look to for durability.  Some of these materials are among the hardest in the world for any application.  For a permanent fixture to your landscape project, consider natural stone first.


Paver Frequently Asked Questions - Paver House


Q. Paver Frequently Asked Questions: Where can I install stone pavers?

A. Pavers are elements you can add to a number of locations, including:

Residences as well as commercial projects benefit heavily when natural stone pavers are used for exteriors.  If you’re a homeowner, an architect, or a commercial construction project manager, the initial cost of natural stone pavers adds significant value in the long term.


Q. Paver Frequently Asked Questions: How long will my natural stone pavers last?

A. Natural stone pavers are designed to be permanent fixtures, and given that some of these surfaces have endured in various forms for centuries, you’re definitely gaining a leg up when choosing natural stone pavers. Our pavers are meant for commercial and residential applications, but also industrial ones.  So, durability is a definite advantage.  Of course, it still makes sense to take care of stone pavers as much as you can to make sure that they retain their original look. Paver House answers all Paver Frequently Asked Questions!  Contact Paver Housetoday to start your new paver project!