January 8, 2021

How to Clean Pavers around the Pool

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How to Clean Pavers around the Pool

Basic hygiene is crucial for everyone’s wellbeing. If you have a pool in your backyard and want to relax in the water, it will be quite unpleasant to see any filth around the pool. Moreover, the dirt on the paver might enter the water, making it unsafe. Hence, it is essential to clean the pavers regularly. You should know how to clean pavers around the pool, or you may contact pavers in Tampa to get the job done. 

Why You Should Clean the Pavers around the Pool

The most apparent reason to clean the pavers around the pool is cleanliness. If there is dirt accumulated, it will easily enter the water, making it dirty and compromising the safety of everyone who is using the pool. Moreover, if water and dirt accumulate for a while, it makes the surface slippery. Walking on such a floor can be risky and may cause severe injury.

Outdoor pavers are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Maintaining the deck regularly also makes it last longer. And, in any case, who likes to look at a dirty poolside? You should look for a Pool Paver Company and get the pool deck regularly cleaned. 

Types of pavers

There are three types of pavers- brick, concrete, and travertine. As the name suggests, brick pavers are made of bricks. According to your design, you may choose bricks of different shapes and colors. Concrete pavers are made by mixing sand, cement, and gravel. You can mold them into any shape. Travertine pavers are made of natural stone and are also available in different colors and sizes. Travertine pavers are the most expensive as the stone has to be quarried. On the contrary, brick and concrete pavers can be manufactured easily.

All these different pavers need to be cleaned differently, depending on their design and texture. The best way to clean pavers around pool is to hire professionals for the task.

How to clean brick pavers around a pool

Brick pavers are prone to developing mold and accumulating dirt; hence, it’s crucial to clean them regularly. To begin with, use a brush or broom to clear off the ground. Moreover, if you see any weed growing in between two bricks, take them out; else, it will damage the bricks. Then wash away the grime using a garden hosepipe. The water pressure would also help wash away the filth but make sure you don’t put too much pressure.

If you see molds, mix one-part bleach with three parts of water, and clean the brick with that mixture. It will take care of the molds.

How to clean concrete pavers around a pool

Just as you did for brick pavers, clear off the concrete paver as well by brooming and pressure washing. Then mix a mild detergent with water and spread it over the surface. Let it sit for about 15 minutes. Use a brush to scrub off the dirt and wash away the soapy water.

How to clean travertine pavers around pool

This is the costliest of all the pavers. But it’s easy to clean as its surface is smooth. Use a hosepipe to pressure wash the surface. If there is grime accumulated on it, use mild detergent and water to clean it, just like you used to clean the concrete pavers. But don’t scrub too much or use very hard bristles that may scratch the surface.

You stir clean the pavers around the pool as a DIY project, but the best way to clean pavers around pool is to get help from the experts.

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