August 7, 2020

How to Choose the Right Paver Options

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How to Choose the Right Paver Options

Are you looking to replace the boring, old, and cracked look of a driveway, pool deck or patio? Do you want the look of your home to stand out among the parade of cookie-cutter homes on your block? Or, do you just need some modest repair work done at a great cost? Answering these questions you get you help you answer the most important question of all: How to choose the right paver options?

What to consider when choosing the pavers?

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Choosing the right paver option for your unique project is an important choice. Of course, you always want your project to look good in the days, months, and years after it’s been installed. However, in order to ensure a long-lasting, quality look, the materials you decide on also must not break down in the face of intense ultraviolet rays, rain, and heavy-duty use. And, let’s face it; Florida has all three of those factors in spades.

Travertine Pavers Vs Brick Pavers

Let’s run into some scenarios in order to help us decided if travertine or brick paver is the best for you

    • What is your total budget? If your top concern is your budget, then Brick Pavers is the best option for you. Brick pavers cost an average of 20 – 40% less than travertine pavers. This is a very loose average ballpark number. The reason is: There are variations of Travertine quality (ranking from standard travertine to premium travertine). So, if you decide that a Commercial/ Classic quality is ok with you, you might be at the same price level as brick pavers. Learn more about travertine types and grades here.
    • Surface texture: Smooth or Textured? For safety reasons (specially around pools) the more texture on the surface the better. If you like a smoother slick finish on the surface, then travertine pavers are your best choice. Travertine pavers are safe to be installed around pools when they have the “Tumbled” finished. Their “cool” fell on a hot day is also a big hit for homeowners. Learn more about travertine finishes. If you prefer a safer choice, brick pavers are your best friend.
    • What about paver colors? If a natural look, earth tons and organic feel and style are your top priorities, travertine pavers are your best choice. If you are not a big fan of color variation and prefer a more uniform look, brick pavers will be your best choice. Why? Travertine pavers are a natural stone from limited quarries around the world (Italy & Turkey being have the biggest quarries). For that reason, you’ll always get variation from different crates, even inside the crates the pieces won’t look the same. Brick pavers are man made, they are fabricated from mold with man made materials, which guarantees you the same texture and color in all the pieces. This is specially important if you plan to have an add-on done later on. If you decided to buy more travertine in a couple of years, the colors might not be the same.
    • What’s is your truly design statement? On a group, brick pavers work wonderful a piece of a bigger project, where accent colors from decoration, landscape will add a final touch. If you want the paved surface itself to be the biggest eye catch of your design, travertine pavers are your best choice. Just think about the Greek monuments with all the beautiful marble & travertine statues and floor. You won’t need a lot more to complement your project.

Choose the paver option that better fits your style

In Florida, both brick pavers and travertine pavers are a great improvement to your backyard and front yard. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of those options. By the end of the day, you need to choose what fits your needs better. Get inspiration from other paver installation projects. Go see other installed paver projects in real life. And the most important, hire a professional paver installation company to bring your dream project to life. A high quality work will make the difference on your paver project.

We can give you a free in house estimate. You’re also welcome to visit our showroom in Largo to view our installed samples of travertine pavers and brick pavers. Call us today to start your new project (727) 530-1400.

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