August 7, 2020

Cost to Install Brick Pavers in Tampa, FL

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Cost to Install Brick Pavers in Tampa, FL

Learn About the Cost to Install Brick Pavers in Tampa, FL

When getting brick paver installation quotes in Tampa Bay, you’ll discover that the material is affordable and the labor is where the costs may vary. Brick paver installation is a labor-intensive project, and doing the job right is essential to the looks and durability of the brick paver installation.

Brick Paver Installation Cost

The great looks and competitive price of brick pavers make them an attractive option for new and remodeled driveways, decks, pool patios. You can contact Paver House today and we will offer a free estimate for your costs for the brick pavers and for the brick paver installation. If you choose a paver stone patio, pool deck or driveway, you’ll enjoy the upscale appearance for many years to come. Brick Paver installation on your pool deck, for example is one of the top outdoor projects to do when you want a high return on your investment.

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Cost to Install Brick Paver Patio – Pool Deck Remodel Project

Let’s look at this brick paver pool deck and patio remodel project.

When you install brick pavers, first, the old pool deck, if one exists, must be successfully removed. The area where the pavers are to be installed must be carefully graded and rolled to ensure an even, compacted base. Failure in this step will lead to dips and rises in your pool deck or patio down the road that will be expensive to remedy. Your yard will be torn up in the area immediately around the pool deck, so combining this project with installing a new yard makes very good sense.


Then, the pavers must be laid in straight lines to ensure an attractive appearance, and the space between them must be filled with the right amount of masonry sand or other appropriate material.

On this specific brick paver pool remodel installation, we also installed a brand new brick paver stairs. The first step was to removed the old stairs and level the pool deck. After the removal of the existing steps and level the new brick paver surface, we started building the new steps with modular concrete blocks.

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Looking for Brick Pavers in Tampa, FL? Paver House is your best source for Brick Pavers & Installation

Paver House, your Brick paver installer in Tampa, FL,  Building Better Projects Since 2009. The timeless appeal and building benefits of brick pavers is why Paver House continues to be one of the Florida’s leader selling, installing and repairing brick paver projects.

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We invite you to stop in today or when your project is simply a vision, and we’ll help you “Get Started with Brick Pavers”. Our complete brick paver showroom is stacked to the ceiling with premier brick pavers, installation tools and staples for your projects. You will find everything you need in order to install brick pavers at our brick paver store in Tampa Bay.

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