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Paver House offers you a complete variety of travertine pavers and brick pavers for your home, driveway, pool deck, patios, retaining walls, fire pits and any other paver project you need. We offer you a no commitment FREE Estimate. We are so confident in our products and services that your delivery will be on us. Call us today (727) 530-1400 for details.

brick paver installation free delivery by paver house

Have a busy schedule? Don’t worry! Our Brick Paver and Travertine Paver Showroom is also open on Saturdays from 8am to 4pm. You can call us or email us to request an appointment.

Free Brick Paver Quote and FREE Delivery

Whether you’re looking for brand new construction with travertine pavers or thinking about remodeling your pool deck with brick pavers, Paver House offers a wide range of paver products that will meet all of your needs.

Free Paver Quote

Brick Paver FREE Quote

At Paver House, we understand the importance of getting the right product for your project, especially since a patio or driveway can last a lifetime. Paver House offers you a FREE Quote, so you know what you’ll pay before you begin your project. We can also get all of the questions you may have regarding your paver project answered by our paver professionals.

Free Paver Delivery

brick paver installation free delivery

To show our appreciation to all of our customers, Paver House is now offering FREE Delivery with your next travertine paver or brick paver installation. Depending on your location, delivering heavy quality pavers can be up to a third of the total cost for your paving project. This represents a significant savings that you can re-invest in your final project or keep in the bank.

We understand that quality and value are both crucial when making a purchase decision. At Paver House, we provide the best of both so you can rest easy on your newly paved pool deck.

Your Best Source for Pavers

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Whether you prefer the natural beauty of travertine pavers or the more uniform look of brick pavers, Paver House is here to help you! We sell and install everything related to travertine pavers or brick pavers. Our showroom has installed examples of all the different travertine and brick paver patterns, sizes, colors and finishes.

Paver Installation

interlocking paver installation

Paver House has more than 20 years of experience in the paving industry. We are licensed and insured to ensure safety, security and reliability for you and your home. An incorrectly installed patio can be prone to uneven settling and drainage issues that could compromise your home’s foundation. That’s why it’s critical to choose Paver House, a meticulous, expert installation company to handle your paver installation.

Travertine Paver & Brick Paver Showroom

Largo Brick Paver Showroom

Call us today (727) 530-1400 to schedule an appointment and get one step closer to the outdoor space of your dreams!

Paver House is your best source for pavers:

  • travertine pavers
  • brick pavers
  • concrete pavers
  • interlocking pavers

Our paver installation will add distinction to your outdoor:

  • paver pool decks
  • paver driveway installation
  • paver outdoor kitchens
  • paver retaining walls
  • paver fire-pit

Paver House proudly installs pool decks, driveways, retaining walls and other outdoor projects with brick pavers and interlocking pavers. Visit our Photo Gallery for actual job site pictures. If you would like to share pictures of a job we installed for you, contact us.

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