April 12, 2021

2021 Brick Paver Trends: Brick Paver Driveway Ideas

By VSFwebsite
2021 Brick Paver Trends: Brick Paver Driveway Ideas

When friends and family visit you at home, the first thing they see is your driveway. Imagine welcoming your guest to a cluttered one, or worse, one with a design screaming 1990s all over it. Oh, the horror! We say that we put our best foot forward, so it’s only fitting to make sure that we incorporate the latest brick paver driveway ideas in our home.

Sprucing up not just your driveway but your patio and walkway as well is a surefire way of increasing the overall beauty of your home. Installing a brick paver can add both modern and classic touch to your home’s outdoor spaces. Classic doesn’t mean old; instead, it means timeless. Timeless design, in turn, never goes out of style. Continue reading if you want to level up your home’s exterior design by learning about the latest brick paver trends and paver ideas!

Let the Outdoors Inspire You

When thinking of brick paver patio ideas, you should always consider your surroundings. Consider the look and feel of your home’s exterior when thinking of design ideas for your brick paver. Choosing natural, earthy colors for your pavers will give your patio a relaxing vibe. You can also incorporate a minimalist design into your patio to make the brick pavers stand out. For brick paver walkway ideas, you may consider using textured pavers with a more neutral color.

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Find Inspiration in Patterns

Patterns don’t become obsolete. Every modern design incorporates a pattern, and brick pavers are no exception. Exterior brick trends come and go, but playing with shapes to form new designs is here to stay. In fashion, mixing and matching old garments can give a modern look; the same applies to brick pavers. For example, a Herringbone pattern may be a mainstay of paver designs, but professional brick paver installers use this up to this day with amazing results. The Basket Weave and Ashlar Slate are also some of the timeless brick paver designs that are still used presently and altered in creative ways to look up to date.

Beauty in Uniformity

Modern exterior brick paver trends include laying brick pavers in portions of your home that almost extends indoor. This design trick gives an illusion of continuity and conceals where the interior part of the house begins and where the exterior ends. This type of design also provides a minimalist feel to the overall layout of the house.

These are just some modern design ideas for brick paver design used for driveways, walkways, and patios. If you are thinking of renovating or incorporating a brick paver in your home’s exterior, there is no better time to do it than now. Make sure to contact professional brick paving contractors and upgrade your home’s outdoor living space now!

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