October 31, 2022

Best Material to Use Around a Pool Deck for Decoration

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Best Material to Use Around a Pool Deck for Decoration

As a homeowner, your pool area must be a matter of pride. But does it look and feel the best that it can? When surfacing your pool deck, a lot has to be kept in mind to make the most out of your options. Other factors like cost, safety, maintenance, and durability must also be considered when picking your pool deck surfacing options. However, pool paver installation in Largo, Fl, has taken the crown when it comes to pool decks, as they offer a subtle balance of all the above factors.

Why Pavers Have the Upper Hand.

Pavers have become the leading surfacing option for hardscaping, like pathways and patios, thanks to their impressively wide range of materials, sizes, shapes, patterns, textures, and colors. Similarly, pavers have become the forefront of pool deck surfacing options as it provides all of the above at a reasonable cost.

Factors to Consider When Picking a Material to Surface Your Pool Deck

  • Grip

One of the most critical factors around a pool is the amount of grip or traction the surface provides. Only slip-resistant materials should be considered for use around a pool. Unlike tiles, pavers offer excellent traction even when the surface is wet. This additional grip can be the difference between you slipping or falling and maintaining a solid footing around your pool.


  • Reflectivity

A Pool paver installation in Largo, Fl, needs to be highly reflective in order to keep the surface cooler than other darker-colored pool deck options. This is especially true if your pool is in a spot that receives constant sun since most people walk around barefoot on pool decks, and the surface needs to be of a bearable temperature.


  • Cost

Pavers offer a wide variety of options for every budget range. From brick pavers for homeowners with a tight budget to travertine pavers for homeowners who wish to go all in, there is a paver for every budget range. However, the cost of pavers is not the only deciding factor, as labor costs have a significant role to play. However, with the advent of interlocking pavers, labor costs can be lowered up to an extent.


  • Versatility

The function should not come at the cost of form. This is especially true in the case of pavers. Since design is a crucial element for most pool deck surfacing options, pavers offer the best in terms of versatility. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and patterns, which makes the designing process increasingly seamless. Whether you want a minimal modern look that highlights your personal and architectural style or you want a themed pool deck that blends in seamlessly into your landscape features, pavers can provide you that flexibility.


  • Ease of Maintenance

While some surfaces are prone to staining as a result of their porous nature that helps them provide additional grip, pavers do not compromise on either. They are one of the easiest-to-maintain surfacing options for your pool deck. However, this largely depends on the quality of pavers and installers, as pavers have a tendency to shift if they’re not installed correctly. Furthermore, using polymeric sand between the joints of the pavers prohibits any unwanted weeds or plants from growing between the two paver blocks. Pavers are also extremely easy to clean, as occasionally rinsing them with a hose is all you need.


  • Durability

The area around your pool is subject to harsh weather elements like the scorching sun, and the surface must be able to withstand this constant onslaught. Furthermore, the chemicals used in your pool can easily cause discoloration in some materials. However, pavers are resistant to such discoloration and chemicals, especially if they are sealed. Additionally, pavers are of an incredibly durable nature, and even if your paver cracks or breaks, fixing your pool deck is as easy as replacing the paver block with a new one. This makes a paver installation for your pool area last longer than any other surfacing options.


The Bottom Line

Although pavers are the ideal choice for most homeowners, one must understand that the requirements of pavers for a patio or a pathway are entirely different from that of a pool deck. However, a pool paver installation in Largo, Fl, can provide you the flexibility to meet the exact requirement of your pool deck due to its high versatility.