April 11, 2022

7 Things You Must Know About Pool Paver Installation

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7 Things You Must Know About Pool Paver Installation

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be a fantastic experience for you and your family. They are amazing architectural marvels that are fun and add to a home’s aesthetic value. However, installing a swimming pool can be stressful as it takes a couple of weeks to complete. In the summer heat of places like Paver Tampa, most homeowners neglect one of the pool’s most essential parts: the pool surface.

There are numerous materials and methods to surface a pool or build its deck, but the clear winner is pavers. Pool paver installations transform your pool into a spa-like water garden of sorts. Having pool pavers helps it stand out from the pools that do not have pavers.

Here are 7 Things You Probably Never Knew About Pool Paver Installations

  1. Pavers are Incredibly Versatile

Pool pavers interlock with each other. This enables you to create a theme that relates to your backyard. If you crave a beach-themed pool, you can get beach-themed pavers and pair them with your décor and outdoor furniture. Pavers can form intricate designs to produce alluring patterns in your backyard.

  1. Pavers provide added safety

A pool will generally have a slippery surface. This can result in falls or even potential injury. You, as a homeowner, can avoid this travesty by investing in installing pool pavers. They provide you that vital extra grip even when soaking wet and give you and your family the freedom to enjoy the pool time without the fear of falling over entirely.

  1. Pavers make your pools look exquisite.

Though surfacing your pools with concrete might appear tempting, it lacks the appeal of pool pavers. They transform your pool from a seemingly ordinary backyard pool to a place worthy of being the highlight of a house party. You can be more relaxed in your pool on weekends if your pool looks and feels like it’s from a luxury resort. Furthermore, you can even use pavers to line your lounging areas around the pool.

  1. Pavers are incredibly durable.

With pool pavers installed, you can rest assured knowing your pool has the most durable surface that can withstand anything. Travertine pavers are all-weather resistant and can brave any condition year-round while maintaining striking aesthetics. Pavers are almost twice as durable as concrete. They require minimal maintenance and are resistant to mold despite continuous exposure to water.

  1. Pavers are easy to repair.

Pavers can be extremely easy and low-cost to repair. Since pavers interlock with each other, in the event of damage, just the damaged block can be removed and replaced in no time, with minimal hassle.

  1. Pavers are low maintenance.

Since pavers are highly durable, there is very little to no maintenance cost for paver Tampa. A garden hose and a mop are enough to clean paver surfaces when they get dirty. However, if it becomes filthy, you can use soap water and scrub it out. Besides that, virtually no maintenance is necessary. Unfortunately, suppose a paver develops a crack or crumbles. In that case, you have that specific block replaced instead of resurfacing the entirety of your pool (like you would have to in concrete pools).

  1. Pavers help you showcase your individuality.

Your home reflects your personality, and so does your pool. Neglecting the aesthetics of your pool by not keeping them in line with a general theme can produce a disjointed look that does not align with the type of person you are. Every other house in the block might have a swimming pool, but getting a pool paver installation helps you stand out from the crowd. It is not just about the colors of your paver finishes. Pavers come in different sizes and shapes, giving you a wide variety to choose from to better showcase your individuality.

The Best Kind of Paver for You

We recommend installing travertine pavers for pool paver installation in Clearwater, FL. Travertine is a natural stone paver used for paving pools, patios, and pathways. Apart from all the usual benefits of pavers, these come with the added benefit of always staying cool and their water repellent properties. Additionally, using a high-quality sealer on travertine pavers ensures that they look pristine for an extended time. Since travertine pavers are natural, it is a sustainable choice for most people and if often referred to as a green flooring solution.

Travertine pavers come with various color options.

  • Ivory 

This ivory-colored tumbled travertine mosaic is one of the highest demanded colors for a modern-themed home. It manages to look flawless and clean while maintaining a minimal profile.

  • Noche

This dark brown tumbled travertine mosaic adds an element of warmth to your pool. It is perfect if you want a rustic charm remixed with the modernity of the new age.

  • Silver Mosaic

This silver tumbled travertine mosaic is the most elegant of all. It has surfaced innumerable beautiful stone flooring while ranking among the top home trends in 2020. The color palette it provides is unlike any other, as it oozes class from every square inch of your pool.

  • Gold

This gold tumbled travertine mosaic is what you are looking for if you want a beach-themed backyard and pool. The regal colors look tempting and lend your pool a rich look and feel.

Colors apart, travertine pavers come in multiple mesmerizing finishes too.

  • French Pattern

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing pavers finishes of all. 4 different sizes of stones are used to create the final layout, unlike anything you have seen before.

  • 6×12 Paver

These provide high-quality, cheap, sealed travertine pavers to enhance their actual natural color.

  • 12×12 paver

These come in two finishes – “tumbled” or “chiseled.” Tumbled has a soft and worn look, while chiseled has a sharp look.

  • Chiseled Paver

This travertine has chipped edges, lending them a more rustic look.

Final Words

Having a pool is not only for hot summer days. It also serves to increase the resale value of your home, if it comes to it. Pool paver installation is like the proverbial cherry on top of the cake, that is having a pool in your backyard. Connect with us for the highest quality paver installation; give us a call at (727) 261-1979 for pool paver installation Clearwater FL

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